Obscure Sound is an effective way of advertising for many products and organizations. For any advertising requests, please e-mail Mike Mineo at

Obscure Sound’s average reader age is 18-32, with the top visiting countries being the United States (49%), United Kingdom (13%), Canada (6%), Germany (4%), France (4%), Australia (3%), and Japan (2%), among many others.

We cater to over 15,000 unique readers per week. Extensive web site statistics will be given upon proper request.

Prices vary from $20/month to $500/month, depending on the placement of your ad. An advertisement is usually on the sidebar or header; I do not generally support pop-ups. Advertisements can be displayed in graphic or text form, whichever you prefer.

Prices are very negotiable, and any request for phone number or other methods of contact will be granted (if need be).

If you have any other questions, please feel no hesitation to ask. Thank you.

Mike Mineo