Evan Duby


Evan Duby grew up on the East Coast, being raised in New York, moving to Boston, and now residing in a shore town in Connecticut. Duby’s musical influences remain fairly typical for someone of the indie folk genre, ranging from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen. He has also had a variety of jobs, such as a grave digger, which most likely has contributed to his fascinating lyrical outlook as well. His vocal delivery seems to be a mixture of Jeff Tweedy borrowing Bob Dylan’s famous vocal slur, along with very well played tracks of a variety of instruments.


‘Half Block From A Dream’ draws the Tweedy comparison the most. The song begins with a rather interesting stomp of percussion, eventually developing into a fine arrangement with some very delightful keys. ‘Separate Ways’ is another great one, developing a very Springsteen-like feel with a very lovable lyrical storyline highlighting a certain girl who is quite different from the rest. ‘Pale’ is probably Duby’s best example of his multi-instrumental talents, with organs, a harmonica, light keys, and a sweetly coated acoustic guitar all making their way with Duby’s pleasant vocals. All three songs are off of his EP, Bridge & Tunnel, which is offered as a free download on his web site. It’s most certainly worth it.


Evan Duby – Half Block From A Dream



Evan Duby – Separate Ways



Evan Duby – Pale



Official Web Site

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