Jarvis Is Back!

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker is indeed back in action, with a new album releasing later this year, tentatively titled Warrior On The Edge Time. His first song from the album has surfaced, in the straightforwardly titled ‘Cunts Are Still Running The World’. Listening to it, it sounds like good old Jarvis is back with his clever lyrics, this song particulary takes a stab at politics, as he joins the list (along with the likes of Morrissey and Neil Young) who use clever wordplay to get their opinions out. In Jarvis’ case, the leaders of the world are cunts! It may seem surprising, but fans of Pulp won’t flinch a bit at lyrics such as, “Well, did you hear there’s a natural order. Those who are deserving will end up with the most, that the cream can have help but always rise up to the top, well I’ll say shit floats.” I’m really enjoying the song and I am looking forward to the new album, which would be his first new material in almost six years (exluding his Harry Potter contributions). Also, I included Pulp’s ‘Grandfather’s Nursery’, which was an unreleased track that Amazon offered exclusively for a short time after it was recorded in 1999.


Jarvis Cocker – Cunts Are Still Running The World



Pulp – Grandfather’s Nursery

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8 Responses to Jarvis Is Back!

  1. rchrd oh?! says:

    There’s also his other collaborations with artists like The Pastels, Death In Vegas, Richard X and let’s not forget his amazing project Relaxed Muscle which released an album in 2003. We Love Life also came out in 2001.

  2. katie says:

    Jarvis! Bless you.

  3. distinkt says:

    Brilliant, truly brilliant.

  4. Darren says:

    A brilliant song that is up there with ‘Cocaine Socialism’ and ‘Common People’.

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  6. Marie says:

    Oh, I’ve waited for this forever! okay. maybe not forever, but ever since I heard he was planning a solo album. Absolutely worth waiting for!
    By the way; Grandfather’s nursery can still be downloaded at amazon.com.

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  8. miguel says:

    Bravo, Jarvis! Bravoooooo! We hope see you soon in Madrid…

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