The Arcade Fire have finally posted some news regarding their yet untitled new album. Win Butler has informed the massive fanbase on their official web site that fifteen songs are finished, with final details about to be recorded. Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett is taking time off of his solo tour to record songs for the new Arcade Fire in July. So, it is looking as if the Arcade Fire aren’t straying too far from Funeral, as Win was talking about using a pipe organ on the album. Talk about ingenuity ( source ).


Sleater-Kinney will be calling it quits after their summer tour. They have been rightfully called one of the best bands of this era, as is shown in songs such as Jumpers. They have five more shows left, primarily on the East coast. Their latest and last album, The Woods, was one of my favorites of 2005 ( source ). The Avalanches need to find a way to make their new album better, as their label rejected it, calling it “too rushed”. Find some more samples, dudes ( source ).

In the most important news bit of the week, Kevin Richardson (the old one) has left the prolific Backstreet Boys. Actually, the news is that they’re still around ( source ). Peaches, the “artist” who takes photos with a camel toe on purpose, talks about her new album, Impeach My Bush ( source ). Axl Rose spent the night in a Swedish prison after a security guard claimed that the emotional Guns n’ Roses bit him on the leg. He wanted to write songs in the perspective of a vampire in Sweden ( source ).

Pete Doherty announced that he is writing a book. In doing this, he also announced that he knows how to read ( source ). Graham Coxon plans to cover one of Pete’s songs though ( source ). One of my favorite songwriters, Jens Lekman will be touring the USA shortly, and he will be making a new album shortly after. He is extremely talented and I am looking forward to both ( source ). The co-founder and guitarist of Kool & The Gang, Claydes ‘Charles’ Smith has died at the age of 57 ( source ). Danii Minogue, the lesser known of Kylie, was almost attacked by a white python during a video shoot ( source )!

New material: Pulp (reissues), Chin Up Chin Up, Beck, The Lemonheads, Lifetime, Beck, The Killers, Lou Reed, Mars Volta, DJ Shadow, Hella, Will Oldham, Wolf Eyes, The Working Title, Dntel, Frank Black, Bonde Do Role

New tours: M. Ward, Dresden Dolls, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Neil Young, Darker My Love, Ryan Adams, Zero 7, The Adolescents, Pearl Jam, Tool

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