Album Preview: Burning Brides – Hang Love

Burning Brides

For my money the best rock n’ roll band on the planet. Philadelphia’s Burning Brides are back this year with another aural shock and awe attack on our lives.

They came up on the tide of the NME’s much mocked, now forgotton ‘New Rock Revolution’ scene and were unfairly lumped in with the more vapid, meat and two veg antipodeon garage rock bands such as The D4, Jet and The Datsons. Their debut record ‘Fall Of The Plastic Empire’ (2002) was heavy with riffs built to last.

They ditched the sludgey, grunge influenced sound of the debut and went for the big time with their sophomore effort ‘Leave No Ashes’ (2004). Written with selling out stadiums and setting radio on fire in mind, the record went unoticed by many. The garage rock storm had passed, and the band seemed to be victims of bad timing. The masses loss our gain eh? ‘Leave No Ashes’ is a stone cold hard rock classic. Jam packed with fists in the air anthems, for this limey kid stuck in a quaint English town. This sounded like America.

‘Hang Love’ is released this summer.

Also check this song out on PS2’s bundle of axe wielding fun – Guitar Hero:


Burning Brides – Heart Full Of Black

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One Response to Album Preview: Burning Brides – Hang Love

  1. Shawn Murphy says:

    Sweet Album. Burning brides R great.

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