ALBUM PREVIEW: Thom Yorke – The Eraser

So, I know most people (including myself) were wondering what the sound of Thom Yorke‘s first solo album would be like. He stated several times that it would be more electronic oriented, and much different from Radiohead’s new material. “Inevitably it is more beats and electronics, but it is songs,” Yorke stated. I have two samples below, though the quality is not the best. You can get the general idea though, as some of the tracks sound like a mix between several Hail To The Thief tracks, such as ‘The Gloaming’, ‘A Punchup at a Wedding’, or a lighter ‘Myxomatosis’. Yorke’s vocals are still as distinct as ever though, and his lyrics remain so odd that it is difficult to criticize them.

The Eraser will be released on July 11. Judging from the tracks that I have heard, it could end up being a big grower similar to Kid A, and no Radiohead fan should pass this album up. Running through the album a couple of times, I am really enjoying it quite a bit, though it remains rough around the edges. I am really loving ‘Analyse’ the most so far. Yorke still has the sensibility to create brilliant melodies and hooks through his vocal deliveries alone, complemented by standard glitch beats, keyboards, synth pads and fading guitars.


songs removed


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2 Responses to ALBUM PREVIEW: Thom Yorke – The Eraser

  1. Being a massive RH fan myself, I couldn’t help but wonder: does the world really need a “solo” Thom Yorke? But after sampling the two tracks you so generously posted here, I can see that the answer may not be an emphatic YES, but at the very least still a yes. I have a special place in my heart for Kid A, so obvs my curiosity has been peaked with these two excellent tracks. Thanks!

  2. dennis says:

    i have to say I hope this album will be on radioheads songlist soon.

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