Finally, a band from the East Coast that I can feature. It just seems for some reason that recently, many of the great new bands I am finding in the USA are from the western part. The Attorneys hail from Brooklyn, New York. Their sound contains a classic power pop feel with influences ranging from U2 and Weezer to The Police and King Crimson. The trio consists of William Ryan George, John Wlaysewski, and Ken Weisbach. All three are multi-insrumentalists and William and John share vocals, with William doing them on the incredibly catchy ‘Stay’. John takes over the vocals in ‘The Way I Want To Love’, with a distinct power pop beat. There remains a steady and enjoyable feel, which makes The Attorneys definitely worth a listen, while it is just incredibly fun and catchy. For more songs and info on their EP, visit their web site.

The Attorneys – Stay



The Attorneys – The Way I Want To Love



The Attorneys – Talk About It



Official Web Site

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