FEATURE: Playlist #1

While I realize that most of the previous posts I made have made about material released in 2006, this new feature is self-explanatory. I choose several songs that I enjoy, where the date does not matter. What matters is that these are enjoyable songs. Enjoy!


John Lennon – God


I figured it would be only customary to start this with one of the most brilliant songwriters of all time. While it may originally come off as anti-religious and rebellious to many casual listeners, the song’s lyrical impact explores self-reliance. The vocals at the end of the song are flawless. Though many have heard this song before, I strongly recommend a listen either way, as it is one of Lennon’s best.


Sparks – Thank God It’s Not Christmas


The Mael brothers were clearly ahead of the time when this song was released in the 70s, along with the classic album Kimono My House. Though they still create (good) music and have released an album this year, it tends to be more electronic oriented. This is just straight rock and roll from a fantastic and underrated band where music runs in the family.

Orange Juice – Simply Thrilled Honey


Orange Juice was fronted by influential Edwyn Collins. Though they only released three albums, they were thrusted into the spotlight again with 2005’s The Glasgow School, which collected a numerous amount of their best tracks. ‘Simply Thrilled Honey’ was included on the compilation, and it remains my favorite Orange Juice track. It’s easy to see the influence in many modern ‘art-rock’ bands such as Franz Ferdinand that they borrowed from Orange Juice. Collins’ solo career also has some good material.

T. Rex – Ballrooms Of Mars


Sometimes songs get stuck on great albums with so many hits, some songs so unnoticed. With T. Rex’s classic The Slider, ‘Ballrooms Of Mars’ has a very cool feel to it, with noticable influences from David Bowie and The Doors. Just something different from ‘Metal Guru’ or ‘Telegram Sam’.

The Charlatans – Cry Yourself To Sleep


I posted some songs from The Charlatans a month or so ago from their new album. ‘Cry Yourself To Sleep’ comes off of their 2004 release, Up At The Lake. Another song of theirs with simple elements and a killer emotional chorus. It may actually be my favorite Charlatans song.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Howl


I usually dig unrequited love songs, as I tend to often enjoy songs that I can relate to. Black Rebel Motorcyle Club enjoy playing retro rock music with a hint of blues. I could never really get into their latest album Howl, but this song is great.

The Fall – F-‘ Oldin’ Money


The Fall! They never seem to get boring, do they? Mark E. Smith and company cover Tommy Blake’s ‘F-‘ Oldin’ Money’ on 1999’s The Marshall Suite. I found the album to be too scattered in some parts, but there were some really great songs on it as well. While it was a mixed bag of sorts, this cover was brilliantly done. Very fun, as most Fall songs are.

I’ll be on vacation in the Bahamas until Tuesday. I don’t know the specifics – but there will still be updates, regulary for the most part.

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3 Responses to FEATURE: Playlist #1

  1. Dude, I must say, your site has become incredibly fuckin’ good. Glad you stuck with it and keep it up.

  2. Hard to beat Bolan’s craftsmanship with a song from Mars.

  3. T says:

    Listen to this, great young fellas from sweden

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