Elefant is a four-piece indie rock band that formed in New York in 2002. Fronted by Diego Garcia, who is Argentianian, Elefant focuses on catchy and dreamy pop-rock music. Reliant on choruses and heavy hooks, Elefant is following in the tradition of other modern successes such as The Vines, The Strokes, The Sun, and various other bands that begin with ‘The’. They released their debut album Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid in 2003, which featured some inconsistancies but was overall rewarding. Great songs such as ‘Bokkie’ truly showed the band’s potential, which put many in anticipation for their sophomore album.

The sophomore album is titled The Black Magic Show. Elefant’s sound has clearly matured from new and unoriginal to experienced and creative very effectively. Garcia’s distinct vocals remain the same, but the band as a whole sounds more connected and in time, resulting in catchier and generally better songs. ‘Black Magic Show (Introduction)’ and ‘The Clown’ are two of the highlights on the album. ‘Black Magic Show (Introduction)’ is a nice opener with keys instantly indicating the infectious chorus. ‘The Clown’ is more emotive and slower-paced, but the static-like and stringy chorus proves to be one of the better hooks that Elefant has manufactured. The Black Magic Show will be released on April 18.


Elefant– Black Magic Show (Introduction)



Elefant – The Clown



Official Web Site

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