This is a very short update, I guess. Ted Leo issued some new songs/demos over his web site… check this out:

“Hey, so we’re going on tour next week, and new stuff isn’t as far along as I was dreaming it would be, but we have a few new ones that we’ll be playing, and I think that I got some good recordings of rough versions of two of them (especially ignore the guitar solos — they’ll get better) from yesterday’s practice, so I thought I’d share them wif yiz.”

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – Army Bound


Ted Leo And The Pharmacists – Some Beginner’s Mind


In other news, The Stills announced the tracklisting to their newest album, Without Feathers. ( source ) Their first album had tons of potential and I’m really looking forward to this one. Enjoy the Ted Leo tracks by the way, they’re pretty good for demos.

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