Critic favorites, Bloc Party will return to the studio for their second album. Bass player Gordon Moakes mentions, “We’re looking to expand more along the lines of Radiohead, but it’s obviously a bit early to kind of imagine yourself in that mould.” Probably a bit too early indeed. They hope to release their new LP in August. It will be interesting, to say the least. ( source )


The Editors are apparently big fans of Franz Ferdinand, as The Editors’ frontman, Tom Smith, revealed a bit about the relationship between the two bands in the Daily Record. He also talks about some of his influences, and why he may be labeled as gloomy. I like a few songs off of The Editors’ first album, and I’ll check out their second one. This is an interesting read. ( source )


A new Guns N’ Roses demo surfaced. I don’t have access to uploading right now, as I’m not typing this at home, but I found a YSI link. Click here to download. Don’t worry if it’s expired, as I’ll upload it to our server when I get home.


Does anyone else find it a bit amusing that the Arctic Monkeys are breaking all sorts of records? While I’ll admit they do have some decent songs, I can name several albums even from this year that are signfifcantly better. I heard most of their songs about a year ago and the songs about dancing shoes and dancefloors are alright, and I like the song ‘Choo Choo’, but the hype is obviously overwhelming and overdone. They just know what sound is wanted in the mainstream at the moment, much like Bloc Party did a year ago. It will be interesting to see how they react to their new found popularity.

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